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Explanation about Medicine


Medicine is one of the fields of applied sciences which is related to the art of healing by treatment, diagnosis and also prevention of the diseases. It does encompass the variety of the health practices for the care which evolved for maintaining and restoring the health by the treatment and prevention of illness in the human beings. There are some contemporary medicines which does applies for the health science, medical technology for the diagnosis, biomedical research and treat the injuries and the diseases. There are different therapies also which help in providing the treatment for some of the diseases. The word medicine came from the Latin word “ars medicina” which means the art of healing.

Branches of the Medicine There is wide scope with respects to the medicines and has developed or changed due to the impact of the technology in the latest scenarios.  There are large number of experienced and the skilled professionals who are working as the team to provide the proper treatment for the illnesses which are spreading across the world.  The group does includes the Emergency Medical technicians,  Laboratory scientists, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, nurses, bio engineers, dieticians, speech therapists and many more which surely does need the attention. Some other fields which are related to medicines but still are not considered as the part of the medicine are- Dentistry. When a patient is admitted to the hospital is generally under the care of the specific teams or groups based on the main issues or the problems which they are facing. Some of the groups or the teams which needs the mention over here are- cardiology team, surgical team, diagnosis teams etc.

Main Branches of the Medicine Sciences are-

Medicine is further divided into different branches which are described below-

  • Biomedical research or the general science, in which all the practitioners are educated.
  • Specialists in the special fields of the medicine
  • Interdisciplinary fields (in this process there are different practitioners who are ready to work together for the specific task in the group).


Basic sciences of Medicine are-

The science which deals in the basic form for the medicine are- Anatomy, Cytology, Embryology, Histology, medical physics etc. It’s quite waste and there is no stopping in this particular field as day by day it’s looking for the expansion. And the expansion is for the betterment of the human beings and the changes do help them in getting the better treatment.

Specialties for the Medicine-

How do you know that which specialties are going to help you in dealing with the member’s treatment?  The specialists are considered as the broadest sense with respect to the medicine. In UK, most of the specialists have their own college or the body which does have its own entrance examination. Such colleges are referred as the Royal colleges.

Surgery A surgical specialist does employ the operative treatment. They should decide on the operation based on the patient’s conditions and the means of the medicine and the techniques which are available in the market. So they should be careful to provide the user with the appropriate medicine.