Drugs Center

Medical field is exploring, researching and giving renewed medical, surgical, and dietary solutions to fight diseases and keep good health universally for all the living being. Increase in the longevity of human life is a proof to the support of the medicines, drugs and community of medical profession that is give to all people.

Drugs vs. Medicines:
Medically and chemically both are same. But medicines are prescribed by a physician to combat a particular disease, to prevent it spread further and to create immunity and nutrition. Drugs are administered by doctors to post surgery patients to get relief from killing pain or to subdue mind. Many believe that drugs and medicines are synonyms but they are actually antonyms from the point of view of law, medical profession and application to human beings. Drugs generally activate or energize the physical condition to act fast or slow down the mental functions of the body instantly. Medicine is drug but the converse is not true from practical point of view.

Two sides of a coin:
Drugs are taken under the strict supervision of doctors, mostly in the hospitals as an inpatient. It is just a like a coin having two sides. The other side is that drugs when taken intentionally by an individual, they get circulated in the blood stream and taken all over body, to reach the brain also fast. Faster it reaches the brain, the more intense the effect of the drug to take one to hallucination or kind of floating situation and the individual is almost unconscious state of mind. They are consumed often by inhaling or through injection or swallowing or smoking.

Why to drugs?
1.       To fit in to an environment of friendship or a group
2.       To escape from a situation in the name of relaxation
3.       To rebel against the set up
4.       Just to relieve boredom
5.       To seem (not true to reality) grown and matured up
6.       To experiment for one time get entangled (curiosity)
7.       To get enjoyment

Once any one is taken into the drug intake under anyone of the above reasons, the new and different feel they experience make them to repeat the drug intake and slowly become addicts.

How do they access?
Unlike the general medicines, because of the adverse effects and more so, deadly effects of the drugs selling them is banned by the Government and regulatory bodies of any country, to public without the prescription from authorized physician. Naturally the transactions are done through the underworld market.

Drugs centre:
Everyone wishes that the addicts should come out and lead a normal drug free life. Even some of this category may wish to be out of drug taking habit permanently. Drugs centre known as rehabilitation centers, provide medical and psychotherapeutic treatment for the addicts/patients to cease substance abuse. Often meditation and spiritual discourses are used as corrective processes. Treatments like cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational discussions with incentives, multidimensional family therapy, and counseling are also given. Disease model analysis gives a specific program of treatment. Client centered therapy approach is another model where the treatment is individually planned and administered suited to the personal issues.

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